Least square method

(c) 2015-10-24 Teruhisa Okada

You can draw a least square line using scipy.optimize.leastsq.

scipy is included in winpython or anaconda.

Vertical viewer for history file

(c) 2015-10-21 Teruhisa Okada

  • Vertical slice viewer for ROMS history type NetCDF file.
  • First file (pickup.py) on romspy (Github) is module to pickup value from history file.
  • Second file (.ipynb) is viewer by romspy.pickup_line.

Profile with std

(c) 2015-02-10 Teruhisa Okada

Horizontal view

(c) 2015-02-03 Teruhisa Okada

Twin axis of vertical profile

(c) 2015-01-27 Teruhisa Okada

Python codes for data analysis